For decades, the gold standard for semiconductor quality has been Mil-Spec. While military and aerospace applications continue to demand the highest quality levels, more and more commercial products have similar or even stricter requirements for temperature range and failure rates. In addition, commercial products frequently demand faster time-to-market than military and aerospace.

For more than forty years, STS has built a reputation for working to the highest possible standards of quality in both military aerospace and commercial applications. When time-to-market is a driving factor, STS has an advantage by virtue of our end-to-end offerings and high level of integration of services. In addition to our extensive electrical and reliability test services, STS offers design services at the front end and an array of assembly and inventory management services on the back end. From medical and consumer to automotive, telecommunications and even renewable energy, STS is your one-stop vendor for design, testing and assembly services.

Areas of Commercial Expertise

  • Advanced RF
  • RF-CMOS and RFID
  • Power Management
  • CMOS Image Sensors
  • Non-Volatile Memory Solutions
  • Mixed Signal
IP Technology
  • DDR1, DDR2, QDR
  • Network Processors
  • Hyper Transport & Dual TMDS
  • PCI Express & Serial ATA
  • High Speed SERDES
  • FPGA
  • A/D & D/A
  • SoC, MEMS, & RF
  • SiP, SoC Integration
  • ASIC
  • High-Speed Memory
  • High-Density Memory