RF Testing

Once largely confined to military and aerospace, radio frequency (RF) today has become the underlying technology for a wide range of consumer, industrial, and medical products. Like their military-aerospace counterparts, commercial RF applications require exceptional quality but with different competitive economics.

STS can help you succeed in these specialty industrial and commercial sectors. Decades of meeting the demanding needs of military and aerospace customers have given STS the technical expertise and intelligent processes to deliver reliable, high-volume RF testing for any market. Whether your product is a 2 GHz electrosurgery instrument, a 10 GHz satellite transmitter, or a 60 GHz small cell backhaul transceiver, STS will get the job done on time, to your specifications and budget. Compared to traditional rack-and-stack approaches, STS delivers higher throughput, greater efficiency, less device damage, and excellent repeatability. That’s why more and more customers – military/aerospace and commercial – count on STS for their most stringent RF testing needs.

The STS Advantage

  • Four decades of experience meeting the stringent requirements of military and aerospace customers
  • Active customer base in military/aerospace & commercial/industrial markets
  • Hybrid testing platform based on best-of-breed network analyzer, ATE and custom tooling tailored to each RF application
  • Higher throughput and less device damage compared to rack-and-stack systems
  • Technology expertise in GaAs, GaN, InP, SiGe and BiCMOS
  • Higher accuracy for better yields and better specifications
  • Excellent repeatability

Typical Applications by Industry

  • GPS-based products
  • RFID products
  • WiFi devices
  • Traffic enforcement radar
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Cancer therapies
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Police/fire/first responder
  • Radio/TV broadcasting
  • Satellite/spacecraft
  • Military


Microwave Network Analyzer
  • Keysight N5247A
Automated Equipment
  • Up to 12.8 Gbps digital, 6.4 GHz RF for both wafer and package test
  • Custom frequency calibration
  • In socket or probe tip calibration with de-embedding (open, short, load and thru) for package test
  • Probe tip/socket calibration using external probes for both wafer & package

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