Electrical Testing

Electrical testing for reliability identifies devices that are susceptible to failure from electrical stress mechanisms such as electrostatic discharge, high electro-magnetic fields, latch-up, overvoltage and overcurrent.

Building on decades of experience of qualifying devices to rigorous military and aerospace specifications, STS has developed an extensive capability for electrical reliability testing. The STS process consists of a carefully engineered sequence of curve tracing, micro and pico-probing, resistance and capacitance measurements and oscillator frequency measurements to screen out substandard or weakened components.

The STS Advantage

  • Proven track record in demanding military, aerospace and commercial applications
  • Advanced ESD & latch-up testers up to 2304 Pins
  • Multi-trace pin counts up to 625 with expandability
  • Support for wide range of package types (DIP, PLCC, BGA, PGA, QFP, QFN, SOIC, CTAB)

Typical Applications

  • Microprocessors
  • CPUs, SIPs and SOCs
  • High-speed memories and data converters
  • RF devices


  • Multi-trace testers
  • Semiconductor parameter analyzer
  • LCR meter
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Curve tracers
  • Multimeters and picoammeters
  • Power supplies and signal generators
  • Environmental chambers, hot chucks and heat forcing equipment
  • Probing stations
  • Pico-probes™