All the way from IC design to packaging, to product qualification, to testing, to volume production and sustained field management - we’ve done it all, for the last 40 years. Silicon Turnkey Solutions, Inc. (STS) tackles the most complex challenges and sees you through a new product life cycle and/or a new technology deployment - right from converting your product concept into a reality.

We manage the entire product launch cycle utilizing our extensive experience across industry's broadest portfolio of device types as well as the seamless integration of processes resulting in the highest returns for our customers. We significantly curtail the costs and risks of technologically-complex silicon development, rapid time-to-volume and time-to-market with a proven methodology, engineering process and next generation equipment portfolio.

For your world-class semiconductor technologies, we are best-in-class to validate design and performance across the silicon, package and sub-system, to qualify and to test devices to its utmost threshold to minimize field failures and reach production quickly and seamlessly. We find the most optimized route to bring your product's vision to the market.