Package Design & Assembly

STS offers the full range of assembly services for package design and assembly, including:

  • Substrate concurrent design: STS engineers design for manufacturability and testability with special skills in high-speed, high-power packaging design
  • Prototype build: STS offers turnarounds as short as 24 hours for quick validation of IC and packaging designs.
  • Redesign for repackaging: STS specializes in repackaging for form, fit and function compatibility and high-performance requirements.
  • Production assembly: STS offers lean manufacturing capabilities for all assembly-related back-end services, ideal for initial production runs and spikes in demand that exceed in-house production capacity.
  • PCB capabilities: STS can also design, manufacture and test printed-circuit boards, even for RF and high-speed digital components.

The STS Advantage

  • More than four decades of experience serving commercial, military, and aerospace markets
  • Lean manufacturing capabilities for rapid market introduction
  • Signal modeling to ensure high-performance interface design for RF and high-speed digital
  • Power modeling and thermal analysis to validate package and PCB parameters and manufacturability
  • Level I & II reliability and environmental requirements
  • Engineering prototypes in 24 hours

Capabilities (partial list)

  • Quad packages (QFP/QFN/PQFP/LQFP/TQFP)
  • Ball grid arrays (BGA/FBGA)
  • Pin grid arrays (PGA)
  • Flip chip and chip on board packaging
  • System in package (SIP)
  • Multi-chip modules (MCM)
  • Dual in-line packaging (DIP/PDIP/CERDIP)
  • Plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC)
  • Small outline packaging (SOP/SSOP/TSOP/TSSOP)
  • Wafer level packaging (WLP)


  • High-precision die attach
  • Automated solder balling
  • Qualified flux, underfill, and substrate systems
  • Cu and Au wire stud bumping