Semiconductor technology is a critical enabler for a wide range of devices used for imaging and diagnostics, from large MRI and CT scanners to smaller, less expensive equipment used at the bedside and clinics. Integrated circuits also power computer-assisted surgery systems and surgical robots that support less invasive procedures to reduce infection rates and shorten hospital stays. In addition, wearable medical devices are coming on strong, adding their own reliability and temperature requirements.

Ensuring the quality of medical devices is literally a life-and-death proposition, a great reason to choose STS for your semiconductor testing needs. STS has broad expertise working to the demanding environmental and electrical requirements of the medical industry on products such as:

  • Linear devices: Digital converters (DAC/ADC), amplifiers, comparators, switches, multiplexers interface devices, and discretes
  • Digital and mixed signal devices: DSP, system-on-a-chip (SOC), microcontrollers, graphic engines, communications, FPGA configuration and test and all major logic families
  • Memory: All major memory technologies including SDRAM/SSRAM, DDR 2/3, EPROM/EEPROM, flash and serial memories
  • RF: Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, low noise amplifiers, filters, mixers and digital TV
Full Medical Scan

Our comprehensive infrastructure offers a full complement of state-of-the-art equipment and superior expertise to support test and design engineers in every step of the process, from conception to end of life management and everything in between. STS eliminates the need for multiple assembly and test vendors, shortens time-to-market and simplifies your supply chain.