Electrical Testing

electrical testing flow chart

When it comes to electrical testing, Micross STS combines an impressive array of experience, expertise and equipment to provide a full range of performance validation services precision high-performance integrated circuits used in analog, digital, mixed, and RF signal processing applications. We have a core in-house staff of dedicated product, process and test engineers who develop custom solutions to address the specific test requirements for any device.  We remain committed to the highest standards of functional testing that help you in meeting your time-to-market and volume objectives while reducing the cost of testing.

Advanced Test Capabilities

  • More than four decades of experience serving aerospace & defense, space and commercial markets
  • Over 30 ATE platforms with peripheral engineering and production equipment
  • Full suite of Synopsys and Cadence tools including simulators, translators, and cross-compilers
  • Ability to handle high-volume, low-volume, customized and application-specific testing
  • Complete test development, migration and military temperature qualification for hi-reliability products
  • Custom-built hardware including load boards, probe cards, change kits and custom fixtures
  • Rapid ATE program conversions for cost reduction and end-of-life needs
  • At-speed testing, characterization, fault grading, node testing, internal node testing, delay testing, cycle-to-cycle debug and correlation
  • Test flows for legacy, diminished manufacturing sources and end-of-life products

RAD Testing

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