ASIC Testing

For more than four decades, Micross STS has been involved in the design and testing of ASIC solutions for some of the most demanding aerospace, defense and commercial applications. We have been the supplier of choice for major satellite and missile systems, providing ASIC test and qualification services as well as complex packaging solutions. Whether the need is for commercial-grade, RAD-hard or hi-reliability ASICs, we possess the in-house engineering expertise to meet and exceed the most stringent MIL-SPEC  requirements while offering the most efficient turnaround time-to-market necessary to compete in commercial markets.

  • Four decades providing custom ASIC solutions for aerospace & defense, military and commercial applications
  • Experience in rad-hard and hi-reliability testing
  • Smooth transition from simulation to actual results correlation
  • Only supplier with 100% in-house domestic supply chain


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Commercial
  • SAT-Com
  • Industrial
  • Medical

Typical Applications

  • Custom system on a chip (SoC)
  • Signal processing systems
  • Image processing systems
  • CPU accelerators



Test Handlers
  • Epson NS-8040 IC Handler (2)
  • Synax SC3100 quad site test handlers (2)
  • Synax SC1211 dual site test handlers (2)
Mixed Signal Testers
  • LTX-Credence Fusion CX
Digital Testers
  • Verigy V93000
  • LTX-Credence D10
  • LTX-Credence ASL 100
  • LTX-Credence Valstar 2000
  • LTX-Credence Quartet
  • LTX-Credence SC312/SC2123

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