FPGA Testing

Micross STS has long been considered to be a trusted, reliable provider of FPGA testing services for the aerospace & defense markets. Our history of working to the most stringent standards make us the perfect FPGA test provider for a wide range of  applications. No matter how complex the device, our in-house testing experts can develop a comprehensive test program to ensure the most accurate assessment of FPGA reliability. We can quickly process even large orders using our high-speed, ultra-high-power automatic testing equipment (ATE), which can accommodate features sizes as low as 28nm.

The secret to our success in the FPGA testing field is the Micross STS hammer file, a proprietary test methodology based on our experience testing thousands of unique FPGA designs. The hammer file is designed to program the FPGA to its maximum combination and block configuration and then tests the completely programmed FPGA for full dynamic, DC and at-speed AC performance. Power and transient tests are also conducted under worst-case populated configurations. Application-specific usage configurations are also used to assist in generating the worst-case electrical specification limits at worst-case environmental use.

  • Proven track record with aerospace & defense, industrial and commercial customers
  • Custom test program development from your electrical requirements
  • Micross STS-proprietary technology tests:
    • Full dynamic, DC and at-speed AC performance
    • Power and transients
    • Application-specific usage
    • Worst-case environmental conditions
  • Features sizes: 28, 32, 45 and 90 nanometer
  • High-speed and ultra-high-power ATEs
  • Full dynamic, DC and at-speed AC testing


  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Commercial / Industrial
  • SAT-Com
  • Space
  • Medical

Typical Applications

  • Custom system on a chip (SoC)
  • Signal processing systems
  • Image processing systems
  • CPU accelerators
  • ASIC emulation and verification

RAD Testing


Test Handlers
  • Epson NS-8040 IC Handler (2)
  • Synax SC3100 quad site test handlers (2)
  • Synax SC1211 dual site test handlers (2)
Mixed Signal Testers
  • LTX-Credence Fusion CX
Digital Testers
  • Verigy V93000
  • LTX-Credence D10
  • LTX-Credence ASL 100
  • LTX-Credence Valstar 2000
  • LTX-Credence Quartet
  • LTX-Credence SC312/SC2123

View our complete ATE equipment list or email STS for more information.