Wafer Test

Most foundries provide wafers already probed to a set of DC parameters at room temperature to ensure they meet a basic subset of the package-part specification. Beyond this basic set of tests, more rigorous testing is often needed to meet specifications requiring die to be 100 percent probed, identify and segregate devices with higher performance levels and guarantee that parts will perform to a certain specification level.

Micross STS has extensive experience and in-house expertise to design test programs and perform the wafer testing and sorting using our state-of-the-art Accretech 8” and 12” wafer probers. We design vertical probe cards and develop programs for a wide range of circuits, including RF devices running as fast as 6 GHz and high-speed digital ICs with clock speeds as high as 10 GB/sec. Key features of the our wafer test and sort services include thermal control, multi-site probing, bake retention, bumped wafer probing, in-line or off-line inking, auto alignment and probe mark and wafer ID inspection.

The Micross STS Advantage

  • More than four decades of experience serving Aerospace, Defense, Space and Industrial markets
  • 300 mm (12 inch) and 200 mm (8 inch) capabilities
  • RF speeds up to 6 GHz
  • High-speed digital ICs up to 10 GB/sec
  • Direct dock 12"/300mm wafer probers
  • 6", 8" or 12" wafer capacity, final test at wafer level
  • Hot-probe facility (25C to 130C) up to 200C for limited tests
  • Full parametric testing functional test
  • Speed or Trim binning
  • Multi-map wafer mapping probing and traying system
  • Wafer-Level Programming

Typical Applications

  • MOSFETs and JFETs
  • IGBTs
  • Diodes
  • Discrete analog devices



  • Verigy/Advantest 93K SOC
  • Verigy/Advantest 93K PinScale
  • Verigy/Advantest 93K PortScale
  • Verigy/Advantest 93K SmartScale SL
  • LTX-Credence D10
  • LTX Credence Quarter
  • LTX Credence SC312/SC212
  • LTX Credence ASLX
  • LTX Fusion CX
Wafer Prober
  • Accretech UF200
  • Accretech UF200FL
  • Accretech UF3000EX
  • Accretech UF3000EX + Cold

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