Full Turnkey Solutions

Micross STS is a medium volume, 100% domestic semiconductor packaging supplier. We've engaged in new product manufacturing of high-performing electronics, product integration, ASIC re-manufacturing, and sustained manufacturing for EOL products. The San Jose facility is equipped with the latest automated equipment for Manufacturing, Reliability Testing and Process Development.

Micross STS employs technically-superior development teams coupled with comprehensive electrical and thermal characterization capabilities that allows for seamless turnkey assembly and custom, build-to-suit packaging. We understand that our customers trust us with their intellectual property to develop their products with stringent quality control. We bring sound manufacturing skills, efficient cycle time, pristine quality and seamless customer support.

We possess extensive experience in new package designs as well as in design migration and conversion, re-packaging of aerospace/defense, military and medical products.

Product Offerings

  • Multi-Chip Modules/Die Stacking
  • Flip Chip, SOP
  • Specialty Micro BGA
  • Ceramics
  • Known Good Die (KGD)
  • System-on-Board (SOB)
  • System-on-Chip (SOC)
  • System-in-Package (SIP)
  • Custom Packages
  • Substrate Design, Characterization and Manufacturing

Packaging Technology

  • Ceramic Flip Chip Assembly
  • Stacked Die Flip Chip
  • Design and Fabrication, or Assembly of Customer-supplied Substrates
  • Materials Selection and Evaluation
  • Engineering Prototypes in 24 hours
  • Advanced Underfill Processing
    • No Flow Underfill and Reflowable Encapsulants
    • High Performance
    • Reworkable
  • Qualified Flux, Underfill, and Substrate Systems
  • Cu & Au Wire Stud Bumping of ICs
  • Up to 300mm Wafers
  • 12” Wafer Saw
  • Die and Wafer Dicing
  • Seam Seal
  • Automatic Optical Inspection
  • High Precision Die Attach
  • Epoxy Eutectic, RoHS
  • Automated Solder Balling and Ball Placement