Certified Enhanced Devices (CEDs) are commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components that have been thoroughly and rigorously qualified to more demanding specifications. CEDs are used in military and aerospace applications as well as heavy industrial and medical products that must operate at extended temperature ranges, frequently -55°C to 220°C.

STS has superior expertise and experience in reliability including burn-in, electrical, mechanical and environmental testing. Our engineering team has more than three decades of qualification experience. Leveraging these strengths, STS can provide ready-to-use CEDs that meet your most stringent standards for reliability. Procuring CEDs from STS relieves you of the burden of managing the qualification workflow and provides third-party documentation and certification.

Beyond our extensive background in reliability testing, what sets STS apart from the others is our complement of tools. We maintain a top-tier testing facility in which our equipment is regularly calibrated and kept current on all software upgrades. When off-the-shelf test equipment can’t do the job, we build our own. For example, STS recently built a custom hardware test bed in which devices can be thermally stressed to temperatures above 250°C for as long as 1,000 hours.

CEDs are more than line items on a bill of materials: They represent the assurance that your products can withstand the temperature and other environmental hardships under which they must operate. That’s why more and more manufacturers— aerospace/defense and commercial—count on STS for their product-critical CEDs.

The STS Advantage

  • Extensive expertise in burn-in, electrical, mechanical and environmental testing
  • Well-maintained, calibrated, up-to-date test equipment
  • Ability to build custom test beds for special needs
  • Broad spectrum of CED categories

CED Categories

  • Analog-to-digital (ADC) converters
  • Digital-to-analog (DAC) converters
  • Processors
  • SDRAMs and SRAMs
  • Serial Rapid I/O (SRIO)
  • VMEbus-to-PCI interconnects and bridges
  • Embedded Host Bridges (EHB)
  • Transceivers
  • Power management devices
  • Regulators, passives and discretes to JANs requirements