End-of-Life Management

Semiconductor technology moves so fast that many devices reach their end of life (EOL) within a few years, either because demand is falling or they have been replaced by improved devices with additional features and specifications. However, the new devices often are not pin-to-pin, spec-to-spec replacements for the EOL legacy devices, which makes it difficult for OEMs to continue to build and support legacy military and space products that rely on the EOL device.


Based on our extensive experience with this all-too-common scenario, we've developed an in-depth understanding of how to manage semiconductor obsolescence and mitigate the risks associated with EOL devices. Our design engineers will consult with you to determine which of our services best meets your needs.


When you are unable to get access to the EOL device’s manufacturing tooling and process specification, we can help you start over from your existing intellectual property, which is usually in the form of hardware description languages such as Verilog and VHDL.

Our redesign capabilities include:

  • Convert FPGAs to ASICs
  • Design and produce FPGA and evaluation platform
  • Design for testability and manufacturability
  • Deliver finished devices using your netlist, EDIF or HDL file


When you have a need to change packaging, our in-house engineers have the expertise and experience to design packaging solutions with precise compatibility in form, fit and function. This service is particularly useful when you must reduce power consumption to meet new standards.


Even minor changes to a critical part may require re-certification. Our in-house engineers have navigated this obstacle many times in the strong knowledge-base to retest devices in meeting functional and quality requirements while validating compliance to the original specifications.


Micross STS offers trusted device re-creation solutions that guarantee performance and device integrity with the authorization of the original manufacturers. This service reduces risk, enhances quality, sustains part availability and protects against counterfeits.

Lifetime Supply Continuity

When you need to bank dies and wafers, we offer a dedicated storage area in an ESD-controlled environment. The storage area is highly-secure and confined with bonded inventory control.

TRL Upscreening

For ruggedized applications, we can upscreen commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components to a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL). We maintain direct contact with semiconductor suppliers and distributors to ensure a continuous source of supply. In addition, we have a complete suite of design, simulation, evaluation and extended test capabilities for a wide variety of custom multi-chip packages.