Reliability Testing


For more than four decades, Micross STS has provided reliability and qualification testing for military, aerospace/defense and commercial devices. Micross STS has extensive experience in Level I (Component) and Level II (System) qualification. Our reliability plans are designed specific to the device application, its suitability of use, their interaction in subsystems and its field use and storage conditions.

Micross STS has been the reliability laboratory of choice for numerous new products designed by the technological giants of the Silicon Valley and beyond. We offer companies peace of mind by ensuring that their new products pass all the necessary reliability tests.

Our reliability testing services include:

  • Accelerated evaluation
  • Accelerated qualification
  • Board level solder joint reliability
  • Mechanical testing
  • High-reliability qualification
  • Device characterization
  • Device feasibility analysis
  • Multiple package/product evaluation
  • High-powered, liquid and RF burn-in

The Micross STS Advantage

  • Decades of expertise and experience in reliability testing for demand military, aerospace/defense and commercial applications
  • Development of proprietary test fixtures and processes including:
    • Innovative Thermal Controller 360 (high-power device testing)
    • Advanced Chamberless Burn-in (RF device testing)
  • Significant investment in state-of-the-art equipment including:
    • Micro Control Company high-power burn-in system
    • Sentek Dynamics long-stroke vibration tester
    • Insidix topography and deformation measurements platform

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