Environmental Testing

Environmental testing helps test engineer evaluate the endurance of devices in transportation, storage and operation. STS uses environmental chambers to accelerate deterioration and shorten test cycles by varying temperature and pressure. Electrical testing on the devices in the environmental chambers helps evaluate the effect of the stress on overall device performance. Our environmental testing capabilities include high and low temperature operating limits (HTOL/LTOL), highly accelerated stress test (HAST), high temperature storage life (HTSL), temperature humidity bias (THB) and many others.

The STS Advantage

  • Decades of experience testing parts for extreme military applications and spacecraft
  • In-house capability to qualify the most complex packages and devices
  • Level I (Component) and Level II (System) Qualification

Typical Applications

  • Microprocessors
  • CPUs, SIPs and SOCs
  • High-speed memories and data converters
  • RF devices


  • High and low temperature operating limits (HTOL/LTOL)
  • Highly accelerated stress test (HAST)
  • High temperature storage life (HTSL)
  • Temperature/humidity bias (THB)
  • Reflow
  • Temperature cycling
  • Thermal shock
  • Autoclave
  • Salt atmosphere
  • Seal testing

Hastest blue bi ovens environmental test